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Contumelious disregard requires an 'insulting manifestation of
However, while conscious wrongdoing in contumelious disregard of
With scoffs and scorns and contumelious taunts In open market-place produc'd they me To be a spectacle to all: Here, said they, is the terror of the French, The scarecrow that affrights our children so.
28) were in stark contrast to the contumelious and truculent words contained in a letter to the editor from Eugene across the page, characterizing grass seed farmers as "contemptuous, greedy and arrogant.
As one who participated in those events here in the Northwest, I Can attest to the exhilaration and sense of hope that tens of thousands felt as we managed to derail the smug and contumelious mandarins of the WTO.
There remains, in these conscience-forming manuals of late-medieval Spain, some of the legalistic concern over the formal content of contumelious outcries that characterized early-medieval penitential guides and inquisitorial manuals.
It would apply to conduct that is contumelious, deliberate and outrageous.
The bandying about of such words as liar, or lie, can only come from a contumelious lip," said Byrd, lowering those who use such language "to the status of a street brawler.
The vice president would have been better off accusing Leahy of having a contumelious lip.
so much a case of punishing contumelious conduct as not rewarding it': Tabcorp Holdings Lid v Bowen Investments Pty Ltd [2008] HCATrans 395 (2 December 2008) 3634-5.
Of 'particular relevance' (275) to the facts of the plaintiff's case was McHugh JA's observation in Cotogno v Lamb [No 3] that 'the average Australian would expect that the victim of conscious wrongdoing committed in contumelious disregard for his rights should receive more than a person who has received comparable injuries without such conduct.
119) Rather, exemplary damages were to continue to be available in Australia, in principle, in all cases where the plaintiff had an action for damages in tort and the defendant's conduct satisfied the description of 'conscious wrongdoing in contumelious disregard of another's rights'.