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Evidence shows that PaO2/FiO2 was positively correlated with the volume of contused lung during the first 24 hours.
is used as an embrocation for contused wounds, strain, stone garget (Bungli in local dialect) and for ripening of an abscess.
Where gender is concerned, literalism turns the contused into the crazy.
Her wrist, it turned out, was not fractured but was severely contused.
According to the police 'She had received a contused wound on the right eyebrow, and another on the centre of her forehead.
According to a report issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs, the disabled man was found with a contused and swollen left foot.
The polls are not included because they carried the invalid population question shown in Figure 3 and therefore would have contused respondents.
His face and nose were contused, as was the gum tissue above the teeth was contused.
There was also a contused wound under the right side of the jaw and two extensive fractures over the right eye and centre of the forehead.
Army/Movement (SLA/M) (not to be contused with the South's SPLA/M).
Cranial nerves can also be torn, stretched or contused as a consequence of TBI, resulting in particular clinical presentations.