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The results indicated significant changes in the reaction time of the contused groups compared with the normal groups (N and C- ).
Here, we compared effects of FES timed to hind-limb movements during RTT (FES+RTT) versus that same patterned stimulation alone (RS) in spinally contused rats; since the latter group received stimulation that was not coordinated with their hind-limb movements, we refer to this group as the RS group.
For example, compartment syndrome, contused skin, fracture blisters, or poor circulation.
It was just contused all the way and up and down,'' Lorier said.
59,67] In contused and hemorrhagic areas, free radical mediated injury may be very severe.
Rather, they have a contused spinal cord, where the cord is stretched or compressed, causing tearing and bleeding.
Rodent studies from our laboratory have demonstrated that a treadmill running protocol, initiated shortly after stem cell transplantation into severely contused muscle, increases the myogenic contribution of donor cells 5 weeks after transplantation [21].
Wounds at risk consist of avulsed skin flaps, wounds located over the pretibial surface and Achilles tendon; and flaps that are contused, ecchymotic, or blanched.
While dynamic contrast-enhanced perfusion-weighted MRI (PW-MRI) has shown that regions of both normal-appearing and contused brain may have an abnormal regional cerebral blood volume (rCBV) and that alterations in rCBV may play a role in determining the clinical outcome of patients [74], to our knowledge, no studies using arterial spin labeling PW-MRI in TBI have been published to date.
The volume of contused tissue, defined by visual evidence of cellular or axonal degeneration within the tissue, was likewise not significantly different (stimulated rats: 4.
Morphological changes of the soleus motoneuron pool in chronic midthoracic contused rats.
Schwann cell but not olfactory ensheathing glia transplants improve hindlimb locomotor performance in the moderately contused adult rat thoracic spinal cord.