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New Delhi [India], Aug 28 ( ANI ): Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the daughter of Congress party president Sonia Gandhi, who is undergoing treatment for dengue at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital here, is convalescing.
His wife of 33 years Wilnelia, 58, said at the launch of a new business venture in June: "He's doing much better, but he's still convalescing.
LAITH: What is worse than convalescing in a hospital?
Elise could not take to the stage with Andrew because she was convalescing from an operation.
The 69-year-old British Deputy Prime Minister will now take it easy in bed at home for another week, convalescing from the serious lung bug.
There was no sign of a convalescing Fidel Castro as hundreds of thousands of Cubans marched through Revolution Plaza in Havana to celebrate May Day, an event the Cuban leader had attended for decades without fail.
I was back home convalescing within a week after a successful hip replacement operation.
After convalescing at home, he has returned to work.
The nurse did not get herpes zoster from the second episode of varicella on 9 August 2002 to 4 April 2005 and is now convalescing.
POP diva Kylie Minogue (below) spent her 37th birthday on Saturday with family and friends in her home town Melbourne, where she is convalescing after cancer surgery, her management company said.
John Paul had been convalescing after his discharge 13 days ago and appeared to be making a strong recovery, appearing twice at the window of his Vatican studio to greet pilgrims.