conventional language

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The poor Frenchman, forgetting his conventional language, had taken to his own mother tongue, to utter a last appeal
Where radical writers argue that all conventional language is euphemistic and therefore politically dangerous, then, and that Burke defends conventional language in order to enforce a system of dissimulation and domination, Burke presses countercharges of euphemism against the revolutionary writers themselves.
Except for one track, the music on ``Duality'' is sung with sounds rather than conventional language while the synths, ethnic percussion and violins saw away in the background.
The move to claim legitimacy for the new female individual by affirming its authentic patrilineage appears in two ways: in the functions of the father and the brother in the text and in the introduction of reforms under the cover of conventional language.
in his listing of regional styles and conventional language to describe the stylistic characteristics of each.
Motivating productivity among workers is so difficult because it's a concept that defies articulation in the conventional language of economic self-interest.
The UAA and the various SSARS deal with this problem in a sensible manner: they speak of conventional language that must be used and the actual wording of reports for various situations is specified in SSARS.
The messages that pack visuals and pack shape communicate to the shopper depend on a number of factors, such as what other packs in the same market sector look like, and the current state of the conventional language of the marketplace.
Not unlike oral history, ceremony, and fine hand craft the less conventional language of skin art actively conveys and reinforces cultural standards and stories from one generation to the next.
The acquisition will provide global and financial resources to leverage SLTI's expertise and allow Berlitz to provide value-added, customized tests in addition to conventional language testing programs to corporate, government and education clients.
Helas faut-il que je lamente" portends a negotiation between her inner life and the outer world, ventriloquizing the grieving queen's voice from within a personal vigil maintained in decorous silence out into the public sphere where it sounds in the highly conventional language of the complainte.
For poetry generally, and Zajc's in particular, proves a sign system more adequate than conventional language to expressing our unique existence in this living universe.
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