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More than 2,400 game industry professionals from 20 countries and representing over 520 companies converged upon the Austin Convention Center, September 6-7-8, for three days of high-caliber speakers, news-making exhibitors, and networking events.
In 1986, 2500 single Houstonians converged upon a local grocery for the first “Meet Market”.
A shrug of the shoulders and a sway of the hips took Luque round one defender on the edge of the penalty area and, as another three converged upon him, his left boot glided the ball past Norwegian keeper Heinz Muller to spare Geordie blushes.
WOODLAND HILLS - Hundreds of revelers converged upon Taft High School on Saturday, getting an early start on Temple Kol Tikvah's Purim celebration.
On August 3rd, over 30 volunteer ASPs (Accredited Staging Professionals) and ASPMs (Accredited Staging Professional Masters) from across America converged upon a house for sale in Bothell, Washington.
Several hundred people converged upon the Soka Gakkai International-USA Youth Community Center on Sunday to show solidarity in their own Victory Over Violence festival.
Outdoor athletes from around the world have converged upon the mountains and rivers of Vail to compete in five sports and 10 disciplines, including: freestyle and extreme kayaking, kayak and raft paddlecross, bouldering, speed and dyno climbing, mountain bike trials, criterion and cross country racing and mountain trail running.
Would-be actors and drama students galore converged upon the campus, to interpret and act out some of William Shakespeare's most famous scenes.
All six brothers have converged upon the restaurant's home at North Florida's World Golf Village for three days of grand opening festivities, including a celebrity charity golf tournament.
From May 9 to 16, 2000, the world's top men and women surfers converged upon the South Pacific Island of Tahiti to tackle one of the most intense, challenging breaks in the world.
com today converged upon Spring Internet World in Los Angeles (April 5-7) with a group of 20-something picketers aggressively protesting advertising conformity and conventional merchandising practices that yield only marginal results in driving site traffic.
Look at the hundreds of thousands of fans of all ages who converged upon the World Cup games.