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Skilled convert employees included Paul Rockwood, a meteorological technician.
It is not right that a convert from Islam must live clandestinely, go to a church that is 30 kilometers from his home because he is afraid that the Muslim community will punish him.
5 days to convert each pattern from sample to date of approval.
For some who convert to Catholicism, the church's teachings on issues such as abortion and homosexuality are exactly what they're looking for.
If a failed Roth IRA conversion is not recharacterized, the amount that a taxpayer attempts to convert is treated as a regular distribution from a traditional IRA, including imposition of the 10% additional tax on early distributions (unless an exception applies).
Dick can convert his general partner interest into a limited partner interest without incurring tax on the transaction, unless his share of partnership recourse liabilities exceeds the pre-transaction basis in his partnership interest.
It was decided," Pearce tells us, "that it would be more graceful if Lunn as a convert should state the case for the born Catholics and Sheed as a born Catholic should argue the case for the converts.
Taxpayers who convert a traditional individual retirement account (IRA) to a Roth IRA normally have until the extended due date of their tax returns to recharacterize the Roth IRA back to a traditional IRA.