convey an impression of

See: delineate
References in classic literature ?
He had reached the age of sixteen then, I think, and without having bad features, or being deficient in intellect, he contrived to convey an impression of inward and outward repulsiveness that his present aspect retains no traces of.
Agatha again remonstrated with her, but immediately reproached herself with flippancy before Smilash, to whom she wished to convey an impression of deep seriousness of character.
Promotional activities that convey an impression of farming practices are powerful representations that influence food choices, ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said.
The music for the royal wedding does have to be the best of British and convey an impression of a vibrant culture.
He attempts to convey an impression of a dark mystery man, but even starry guests Regina Spector and Nick 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Zinner can't lift the mood of watery gloom, or pump up the far too slack musical muscle.
It is impossible to discuss two dozen essays individually in a short review; the following merely tries to convey an impression of the wealth of material covered and of thematic emphases within the variety.
He added: 'Touching your ears can convey an impression of evasiveness.
With a great eye for detail, his descriptions of Russian women and Siberian wildlife and accounts of vodka-fuelled parties convey an impression of a country full of passion and hope struggling to shake off the attitudes and rules of the past regime.
The party set-pieces convey an impression of great animation despite very little room for manoeuvre, throwing into effective contrast the intimate scenes of Violetta and Alfredo's doomed rural idyll and her ultimate demise -but in this conclusion comes the only miscalculation.
In this Japanese form, flowers ,and leaves are arranged in vessels into harmonic, dynamic compositions--each a mannered attempt to convey an impression of nature.
Silver and gold: There will be a rising demand for silver shades that convey an impression of intelligence and embody speed, motion, and functionality while reflecting a close link between technology and nature.
Despite the growing presence of industry, Beato's pictures convey an impression of extraordinary refinement and natural beauty.