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Again until I am convinced that the period between 1999 and 2015, years of democratic experiment indeed, were not the best period to have instituted the solid foundation for Nigeria's development, there is no ground to dissociate myself from the million of voices of Nigerians solidly standing against the return to old democratic experiences as defined by the past governments.
Nawaz Sharif held a separate meeting with Shahbaz Sharif and convinced him on the matter of Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah resignation.
Limond, right, said: "I am convinced I will win this fight.
Watching the Argentine great in action convinced Inter Milan and Italy striker Antonio Cassano to name his second-born son after the Barcelona man.
Thus fulfilling a long time desired dream, she also is convinced and Ananya's parents agree, but now Krish had to convince his parents.
Tanaheed Mohammed told Aswat al-Iraq that the department convinced the Spanish authorities to return 22 tablets with a necklace that dated back to the Assyrian period, at a time the Spanish side refused under the pretext that they belong to south American heritage.
In a breakdown of these attitudes according to sects, 81 percent of Shiites surveyed were convinced by Nasrallah's documents.
I'm still not convinced love and it will take more than a set of pearly gnashers to convince me you're whiter than white.
When the Olympic City selection process was under way I was convinced that Paris would be chosen," said Bruno Kilshaw, managing director of Buhler Sortex.
Leitch says their Japanese clients were not convinced black spruce held the same strength properties as jack pine.
But, not all of the critics of the modernization plan are convinced the airfield is necessary.
Allie isn't convinced she'll be any happier with a different nose--she's already happy--and has priorities other than beauty that take precedence.