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The Seat Belt Convincer is useful to educate the general public of the benefits of a seat belt even in a low speed collision.
Petronas Carigali, the Exploration and Production subsidiary of the national oil company in Malaysia, has extended the contract for the jack-up rig Maersk Convincer by one year.
They are all presented with excellent confirmation and the list includes the Flo, Adeen, Nugget, Alicia, Lustre, Skycheif, Amy, Juror faith, Roxy, Integrity Sara, Elegance, Marie, Raven, Ruby, Redrose, PR Barbie, Gold Missy and Convincer Delight families.
The other attractions include a Harley-Davidson motorbike show, driving simulator, seatbelt convincer and traffic competition for the general public with gifts for winners.
Shane explains that it is not the best candidate who gets the job, but the best convincer.
During Barbican Turbo, the Emirates Driving Institute will have on display their seatbelt convincer, specialist roll-car, headrest restraints, child restraints and tyre display as well as staff to demonstrate these and answer questions from the public.
In 2001 he released The Convincer, seen by many as one of the highlights his recording career.
Local breeders Tegwyn and Mary Davies of Henllan Farms took several of the best animals for their Caeremlyn herd - 4,000gns for young cow Coxhill Progress Maplerose, 3,600gns for Coxhill Convincer Ruby ET and 3,400gns for Coxhill Stormy Dawn.
Now Lowe will show just how eclectic his taste has become when he performs highlights from this album, The Convincer, at Warwick Arts Centre.
Built to highest-threat security specifications, The Convincer from B.