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On the possibility of sending "invitations to Syrian opposition sides during the next round of talks", Brahimi said that the opposition sides were supposed, since the beginning, to form a convincible delegation, adding that if the opposition spectrums will meet and take part within the delegation which will return in the next round, this would be welcomed.
The more reliable and convincible the auditing evidence obtained from the applied methods are, the auditor's opinion will be more suitable.
Moreover, its convincible performances prove to be suitable for low power RF sensors and handy wireless devices.
From the geological point of view it is convincible, that ductile to brittle ductile Moldanubian overthrust representing the sutury created by the collision of two microcontinents, which can be describe on base of the structural and geochemical data (Schulman et al.
They seemed to be were explicit in their conversation and made it convincible with arguments.