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He argues convincingly that the disappearance of Milton's name from the order Books of the Council of State is the result of bureaucratic reorganization rather than Milton's lack of activity.
3, antique baby shoes hang above an open 17th-century book featuring an illustration of a nude girl, which is itself flanked on either side by a delicate crystal penis here an erotic childhood reverie is poignantly and convincingly equated with religious devotion.
It convincingly shows that [an upright stance] did not evolve only in hominids.
Steven Orso's meticulously researched and convincingly argued study advances a new and intriguing interpretation of the painting, and proposes a correspondingly new title: "Bacchus in Iberia.
McKibben presents the problems convincingly in an easygoing pictorial style.
The new work shows convincingly that, in addition to leptin's indirect actions via the brain, the hormone has "direct effects, particularly on pancreatic islets, which is something that really hadn't been suspected," says Simeon I.
So, for example, in chapter eight, Richardson convincingly demonstrates that Parisinus lat.