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MINI MARVELS: Thongsbridge Mini Red Team got off to a terrific start in the Nadal Mini Summer League, winning their first match convincingly this weekend at Huddersfield.
He explains clearly and convincingly why many of the ideas about sex and human relations which we read in the Bible are no longer relevant and may therefore be discarded.
Robbins convincingly suggests that because slavery was so important to their economy, the French were unwilling to criticize it directly, but tales of elephants which refused to breed in captivity and monkeys which sickened and died when torn from their native habitat made them confront its human costs.
Looking at things like Omron's pet cat I would say that we are a good few years away from something that could move in a manner that was convincingly cat-like or dog-like.
Michael McMenamin ("Teddy Roosevelt's Hidden Legacy," June) convincingly shows not only that Theodore Roosevelt had his own foreign policy, but that it was infinitely better than and antithetical to Woodrow Wilson's.
Instead, Saygin convincingly establishes that their time in England can be seen as attractive opportunities in building their careers inasmuch as desirable appointments in Italy were seldom available and foreign experience was useful for humanists seeking positions in the papal or a princely chancery.
Blyth Rangers had no answer to a powerful Whitley Bay Wizards side as the Wizards won convincingly 11-0 with Dominic Thompson scoring four times and Sean Allen grabbing a hat-trick.
The court found that the dangerousness of some defendants was clearly and convincingly shown by evidence of their attendance at a five-week training session at an Afghanistan terrorist camp, but that one defendant rebutted this by showing that he had extricated himself from the terrorist camp and cooperated with authorities thereafter.
But as Karsten Harries argues convincingly in Infinity and Perspective, science and technology have only partly filled the vacuum left by the 'death of God', and the gains need to be weighed against what humanity has lost in the process of liberation, including a sense of stability and self-worth.
Interweaving journalistic research with a poet's narrative, Body Toxic all too convincingly connects poisoning the land to poisoning ourselves.
Picano, the veteran writer of 18 books, including the well-received Like People in History, convincingly explores the dilemma of a pensive yet willful man caught between the very extremes of human experience: the insistent specter of death and the bewitching flowering of love.
As his rival, Hilarion, Sampo Kivela convincingly acted his jealousy and the baseness of his character.