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CONVOCATION, eccles. law. This word literally signifies called together. The assembly of the representatives of the clergy. As to the powers of convocations, see Shelf. on M. & D. 23., See Court of Convocation.

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I as chancellor have stopped wearing headgear at convocations.
The convocation may mark an end to formal education acquisition but the learning is a continuous process and must go on unhindered, he said and added that convocations are the occasions for the stocking and to plan for the future and added that the fact that future of Pakistan lies in our younger generations places great responsibility upon the Universities to equip them with necessary skills and knowledge so that they could take on the challenges of life with the strength of their minds and characters.
Honorary Doctors of Law degrees were bestowed upon former prime minister Paul Martin and former Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami head Mary May Simon by the University of Alberta during its June convocations.
Deputies of new convocations of Parliament usually create a new structure of the Parliament, said Vice Chief of President's Administration Suyunbek Kasmambetov at the press conference in Kabar state news agency.
What we need a plan," said parish pastoral coordinator Joyce Gillie to over 2,000 African American Catholics gathered at the Archdiocese of Chicago's first-ever Black Catholic Convocation, one of the largest diocesan black Catholic convocations in the history of the United States.
The facility's main arena will seat 2,200 people for athletic events and as many as 3,500 people for such special occasions as graduation ceremonies, academic convocations, concerts and special events.
Spencer's fall and spring convocations to networked computers throughout campus.
Il refuse de repondre aux convocations des structures de football qui veulent l'auditionner apres les revelations qu'il a faites sur l'implication de responsables du football dans l'arrangement des resultats des matches.
S'agissant du retard enregistre dans la reception des convocations de la part des souscripteurs au programme de logement promotionnel public (LPP), le ministre a indique que la porte demeure toujours ouverte pour ceux qui n'ont pas encore recu leur convocation.