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The consultation proposed by Correa consists of 10 questions, five of which would modify the progressive characteristics of the constitutional guarantees, even though, in the bylaws for convoking the Asamblea Constituyente in 2007, the government agreed that the new Constitution would respect and deepen the social and progressive human rights content.
It's necessary to understand how evil is connected to the existence of truth procedures: there can be an imitation, what I call a "simulacrum," of the truth event, convoking not the void but the plenum.
We welcome recent actions from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon including convoking leaders of UN peacekeeping missions, and calling for yesterdayآ's special session of the Security Council to discuss these serious allegations and the efforts he is taking to strengthen the UN's response and institute a policy of zero tolerance for misconduct of any kind by UN peacekeepers and staff," he said.
February 25 over the necessity of convoking an extraordinary session of the parliament to discuss the post-election processes in the
8, the Comision Agraria published a notice in the official gazette El Peruano convoking the indigenous population individually or organized in communities, associations, or federations, or their representatives, to a free and informed prior consultation on the forestry bill to be held that month under procedures established by the committee and the indigenous organizations.
In a statement, Musa said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas requested the convoking of the meeting during which Arab Foreign ministers of the committee's member parties would be briefed on the message Abbas has received from the U.
A Bush aide told reporters Bush would not raise the issue to criticize the pope, but to praise him for convoking the U.
Before the meeting ended, however, dissidents proposed convoking an extraordinary party congress in June to revise the FSLN structure and leadership.
It is Cardinal Lubachivsky who is convoking his Church to celebrate the restoration of communion with the Holy See in the forthcoming 400th anniversary of the Act of Union of Brest-Litovsk, and the 350th anniversary of the Union of Uzhorod.