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In addition, Convolve also has developed and has both domestic and foreign patents pending for an innovative computer control panel feature called "Quick and Quiet(TM)" which allows the user of the disk drive to select between faster or quieter computer performance.
Key new features in Sapphire Plug-ins v3 for Avid: -- 36 new effects including: TVDamage, Deband, WarpCornerPin, GradientMulti, Shape, Technicolor2Strip, Technicolor3Strip, BlurDirectional, ZDefocus, ZBlur, ZGlow, Swish3D, TVChannelChange, WipePlasma, WipePointalize, WipeWeave, WipeMoire, DissolveLensFlare, DissolveEdgeRays, DissolveGlint, DissolveGlintRainbow, DissolveDefocus, DissolveTiles, DissolveDistort, TextureFlux, TextureLoops, TextureNeurons, TextureTiles, TileScramble, Convolve, ConvolveComp, ZConvolve, Light3D, TriTone, QuadTone, ShowBadColors -- New enhancements and options including 15 new LensFlares, Improved Glares and revamped RackDefocus.
As it can be appreciated, it is enough to define metrics and order in the colour space to be able to convolve the image with the partial derivative in one direction, and later convolve perpendicularly the result (let's remember that they are already real numbers) with a Gaussian mask.
Even though the Fourier transform is slow, it is still the fastest way to convolve an image with a large kernel filter.