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Obama and his minions, and instead convulsively regurgitating it.
And had the 2005 tsunami calamity not struck the South-East states, the Tirah Valley was all set to witness a tribal congregation whose agenda and decisions were going to rock the country convulsively.
Once in a while some youngster holds on to me convulsively, and I do what I can for him; at any rate, stop with him and sit near him for hours, if he wishes it.
The twisted American heta-uma family tree includes the convulsively beautiful work of Wolverton (our Sugiura), the disturbed and disturbing Fletcher Hanks (our Rene Magritte, but a sociopath), and Rory Hayes (the underground comix artist who made the world safe for all unskilled DIY obsessive-compulsives who followed).
From his convulsively outspread arms and his terribly contorted face, it was evident that his hand had been unsteady and that he must have suffered a long time before his sinful soul had left his body.
Together, Rousseau's and Charcot's descriptions of being both "stranded without a general will" and convulsively moving capture the split impulses of hysteria.
The narrator relates that "she clasped her hands convulsively, and raised them, as she at the same time raised her eyes towards heaven, and begged for that mercy and compassion there, which had been denied her on earth" (207).
Do what he may, it will be jerked elsewhere convulsively.
After the fractious and convulsively embattled Barretto family, it's Ai Ai delas Alas' turn to alternately regale and turn off addled viewers with her recent 12-handkerchief account of her marital travails-after only one month of bliss and hiss
When Claire's gaze fell upon her," Collins writes, "she uttered a piercing shriek, clasping her hands convulsively over her eyes, as if to shut out some hateful vision.
Nevers at liberation, his hand trembling convulsively.