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After a cooling time of five minutes, the HESC rotor had cooled down uniformly to a temperature at the surface of about 20-30[degrees]C/68-86[degrees]F, while the conventionally configured rotor cooled down unequally, with the heat retention greatest at places inside the wings, where the wall is very thick.
The researchers found that 21 of 43 cooled patients (49 percent) were ultimately discharged to their homes or a rehabilitation center, compared with only 9 of 34 patients (26 percent) kept warm.
The problem in single stage mixing is that the metal of the mixer which has absorbed work heat in the primary mixing operation must be cooled before the mix is reduced in temperature sufficiently to add curatives.
Air cooled versions of the VPF1 have been shipping since mid 2004.
In addition, the sand will be cooled by radiation losses and conduction to the steel structure that houses the sand cooling system.
Essential switch rooms will be cooled by four Ecotel Indoor units - self-contained systems with free-cooling capability.
Units available with two or three independent refrigeration circuits from 30 to 90 tons in water- or remote air- cooled versions.
As a molten metal is cooled to its freezing temperature, solidification begins in the region of lowest temperature.
Thermacore's high-performance liquid cooled system utilizes micro channel cold plate technology and a liquid-to-air heat exchanger with Modine's patented PF(TM) (parallel flow) technology.
The sand is cooled from its 1400-1600F temperature range down to ambient [+ or -] 20F by cascading the sand through a slow-moving stream of ambient air together with direct heat transfer into a relatively cool drum.
Moisture addition can be accomplished by utilizing a programmable controlled system that meters water additions by sensing the rate of sand flow, and using a belt weigh scale and infrared temperature sensing devices before water additions are made and after the sand has been cooled through the cooler.