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Each day, usually twice that day, rising tides bring coolish water toward shore.
The beds are ultra comfortable, with soft feather pillows and hard enough mattresses, but most important, a warm duvet to keep the cold away during the at times rather coolish nights, considering the elevation of the lodge.
Unlike most of the others, they actually prefer a coolish semi-shady spot in a north-facing room.
It was coolish to start with until the sun broke through, but then there were lots of fluids and showers available, so every care was taken.
On a coolish night outdoors in Key West, Rodriguez won the first two rounds by executing his team's game plan "perfectly," Army said.
This occurred almost immediately after, after I stepped outside onto the gallery, into the sunshine, the coolish remnants of it, winter day, a pellucidity in the air that was rainswept and fresh, a chilliness unlike anything you would think of, a displacement that promised in these environs not desolation or an icy, lonely death but rejuvenation, alertness, a fresh awareness--how to put it, I thought, leaning over the rail, looking at the far bank that was tousled with reeds and beyond the bank through the sawgrass and the little hammocks of pines and palms to the swamp, where the old life, unable to resist the encroach of progress, went on as if it didn't matter--how to say it was far too possible--probable--to see too much to get the facts straight.
Neither the low bench designed to use a pistol rest nor the coolish weather is the best way for testing rifles, however the outcome was most gratifying.
In Zen and the Birds of Appetite (1968), for example, he distinguished between Buddhism's coolish emphasis on the need to eclipse all traces of personality and Christianity's kenotic emptying of the false self.