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Collins closed down the home defence and coolly rounded keeper Coleman to score his third goal of the season.
Clooney and friends had coolly sipped champagne before at the five-star Cipriani hotel before forming a procession to the Aman that included Damon, Crawford, her husband Rande Gerber and Bill Murray from the five-star Cipriani hotel opposite St.
But thieves coolly walked into the industrial estate and drove off in a lorry loaded with the ice cream.
Without regions of concentrated fuel, the mixture burns coolly, which limits [NO.
While David coolly accepts the spelling bee's new place in pop culture and on prime-time TV, his mother is quite pleased with the turn of events.
But whereas Orozco's photographic diptych My Hands Are My Heart, 1991, in which the artist holds out a heart-shaped lump of clay bearing the visible imprints of his fingers, embodies his sense of poetry and suggests that he has a romantic streak, Francois's sculpture was undeniably beautiful but remained coolly distant.
Emley went 2-0 up when tireless Max Joice won the ball in midfield and coolly placed his shot past the advancing keeper on 35 minutes.
The Edwardian brief for the remodelling of Manderston in 1903 was to be coolly elegant and large enough for the army of servants necessary for Edwardian comfort, and grand enough for entertaining.
Off the pace for much of the race, he coolly bided his time over this extended ten furlongs before gradually building the tempo of his mount to bear down on the leaders entering the short straight.
Wiel Arets' building for Dutch arts organisation Amsterdam Arts Metropole is a coolly refined six-storey glazed block wrapped in a complex, warped lattice of steel members.
She coolly traverses the scales and winds up taking her new falls on a sobering journey through her lost dreams.