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Of the registered coops in CAR, 45 percent belong to the micro-coop category meaning they have assets P3 million and below.
The chairman of the board of directors at Union Coop, Majid Hamad Rahmah Al Shamsi, said: "Union Coop has always had the expertise and world-class resources when it comes to retail and managing Coops.
Something as simple as keeping the coop door shut at night will help immensely when temperatures dip.
Union Coop seeks to spread awareness to protect lives and reduce accidents rates and traffic violations.
Carl said: "Yard & Coop is all about serving up proper fried chicken with tasty sides, classic cocktails and craft beers.
Lastly, check your coop for possible entry points for predators and opportunistic rodents.
Imdaad announced it has signed a two-year waste management contract with Dubai consumer cooperative, Union Coop.
Secretary of Ministry of Industry and Commerce said that despite the impact of open market economy, Coops managed to stay afloat and ventured to new sectors such as fisheries, coop hospitals etc.
Also, the new agreement with Coop Norge concerns e-commerce payment solutions.
Nothing I could do would entice her back into the coop.
A coop is an association of people who voluntarily bond together for mutual economic, social, and cultural uplift; its beneficiaries, mostly small farmers and fisherfolk and their families, avail of services such as marketing support, credit and loan facilities, new technology, adult education, livelihood, and scholarships for children, according to the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), the government regulatory agency for coops, created by Republic Act (RA) 6939 on March 10, 1990.
4 March 2015 - The Norwegian Competition Authority has approved Norwegian retailer Coop Norway's acquisition of Sweden-based retailer ICA Gruppen's (STO: ICA) ICA Norway unit, ICA said on Wednesday.