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The question we wanted to examine was: Do men or women cooperate better with members of their own sex?
An official said, 'If they continue to refuse to cooperate we will contact the Central Bank to publish the names of these banks.
GAIL and Bharat have agreed to cooperate and examine various options available for the transmission and distribution of Bharat's gas through existing and new pipeline networks owned by GAIL.
Indeed, the company may cooperate to prosecute you.
XL spokesman Roger Scotton said the multiline property/casualty company also intends to cooperate fully with the SEC probe.
9, 2004, the following firm was terminated from the AICPA peer review program for failure to cooperate with the AICPA Peer Review Board.
In the same issue of Nature, researchers highlight another set of interactions, called the snowdrift game, in which players have incentives both to cooperate and to exploit each other.
They pledged to cooperate ecumenically for fair and just trade agreements and an economy that "serves life.
However, absent prior contact indicating that a paraphernalia shop owner will cooperate, investigators first should make a case against the store before "quietly" approaching the owner away from the business.
Crompton will continue to cooperate with the authorities.
If Iraq fails to cooperate (as it has done for 10 years), then what?
It is never licit to cooperate formally in evil--for example, directly participate in an act against innocent human life or collaborate in the creation or application of a seriously unjust law, such as one permitting abortion or euthanasia.