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This happens because, contrary to what has been proposed in the majority of studies, people do not make their decisions based on the rewards obtained (by them or by their neighbors), but rather based on how many people have recently cooperated with them, as well as on their own mood at the time," the researchers explained.
Bamieh said he had withdrawn from the case because he opposed prosecuting it as a capital crime after Bridgeford cooperated with investigators.
The commission assumed the chief had not cooperated and ordered him to cooperate a year ago,'' De La Rocha said.
The company said in a written statement that it has cooperated with the regulatory agency and plans to cooperate with any additional requests.
The company has cooperated, and intends to continue to cooperate, with requests for information from the SEC staff.
Her claim, the first step toward suing the agency, alleged she was wrongfully terminated because she cooperated in a series of investigations by the inspector general of underperforming, politically connected contractors.
The whole case boils down to her being punished because she cooperated in internal investigations,'' said Rudnick.