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Ernest DesRochers, senior vice president and managing director, and Roy Chen, senior analyst, of the Greater Westchester NY/CT regional office, cooperated to arrange the loan.
Washington, July 6 ( ANI ): When deciding whether to cooperate with others, people do not act thinking in their own reward, as had been previously believed, but rather individuals are more influenced by their own mood at the time and by the number of individuals with whom they have cooperated before, a new study has revealed.
Weiss acknowledged that he has no information that the mayor or anyone in his office has not cooperated with investigators.
One commissioner expressed concern that even if local agencies ultimately cooperated in an emergency, the lack of any coordinated exercises in advance might render emergency measures less effective.
The Company has cooperated with the SEC, and intends to continue to cooperate fully with the SEC in its formal investigation.
The study showed that the students who played for 300 cents cooperated more often than those who played for 3 dollars - even though both groups were playing for the same economic reward.
Prosecutors said they decided not to seek the death penalty because transcribed tape-recorded interviews of Bridgeford suggested he had received ``assurances of leniency'' if he cooperated with authorities.
E[acute accent]The Company fully cooperated with the Special Agents during this exercise, and intends to continue to cooperate with the investigation if need be.
The report charges Parks with ``unnecessarily'' criticizing the county's top prosecutor, and of making misleading statements during a March 15 press conference stating the department had always cooperated, and that Garcetti's statements to the contrary were false.
com executives, including country manager Avnish Bajaj, have cooperated fully with the New Delhi police.
The company said in a written statement that it has cooperated with the regulatory agency and plans to cooperate with any additional requests.