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On occasion, this allows an individual to take advantage of the cooperation of others, but if this tendency is extended, in the end, no one cooperates and as such, nobody obtains rewards.
The memo sets forth the view that if a company cooperates, prosecutors should consider dropping charges against the company itself.
A player using the tit-for-tat strategy cooperates in the first round and then in each subsequent round mimics the opponent's behavior in the previous round.
If Iraq fails to cooperate (as it has done for 10 years), then what?
Parks on Friday to cooperate with District Attorney Gil Garcetti - something Parks insists he has continuously done.
The authors did not talk to him because he would not cooperate.
If they both cooperate, each person receives a modest amount of money, such as $10 and if only one person cooperates, then the defecting participant receives more money, such as $40, while the cooperating person receives nothing, whereas if both people decide to defect, they would each receive a small amount - say, $2.
By extending the life of the grand jury, Starr also has extended the time of Susan McDougal's imprisonment an additional six months since she must remain in jail until she cooperates or until the grand jury expires.
A creature employing this scheme cooperates with a compatriot on a first encounter, then responds in kind to that animal's subsequent actions, whether cooperative or selfish.
1988) (under some circumstances, direct promises that officers will tell prosecutor or judge if defendant cooperates are permissible); Lord v.
An individual receives the most points by acting selfishly when the other cooperates; if both cooperate, each obtains a moderate payoff; and both score poorly in cases of dual selfishness.
However, absent prior contact indicating that a paraphernalia shop owner will cooperate, investigators first should make a case against the store before "quietly" approaching the owner away from the business.