cooperative action

See: synergy
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The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality appreciates EPAs cooperative action in approving these essential components of our state air quality plan, said Director Becky Keogh.
In order to flourish the tourism industry more cooperative action plan must be implemented between industries, Tourism Board, Tour Operators Association of Bangladesh (TOAB) and other industry stakeholders of the country for tourism product development and selling the products to the global buyers.
The companies state that a significant development of USRS will be the ability of autonomous operation of robotic unmanned devices and their cooperative action with First Responders, supported by broadband and resilient communication network.
Chapter topics include reforming the international monetary and financial architecture, new rules for science and technology policy for sustainable development, managing labor mobility, global governance for food security, and human rights and international cooperative action.
Having employees with these soft skills can bring a competitive advantage given how many staffs across multiple industries are riddled with workers and managers who are too engaged in dramas, politics and divisiveness at the expense of cooperative action.
The Arab nations must get their act together in cooperative action and religious leaders of all faiths must redouble their efforts right now.
Through cooperative action, many people now have the opportunity to create resident-owned communities (ROCs), securing the land beneath their homes for perpetuity.
This integrated rural development plan has revamped and modernize the rural sector with miraculous changes in rural communities through participatory governance close interaction and cooperative action among villagers having political will and sincere guidance.
Furthermore, LCA envisions an association that will become a determining factor in the stimulus and improvement of the Louisiana criminal justice system; corrections professionals who are knowledgeable in all facets of the system; and a system where prevention and deterrence of crime has succeeded and is primary to incarceration, as LCA believes intervention leads to cooperative action among professionals to reduce crime.
The international community, as fragmented and conflicted as it currently is, can find common ground in recognizing the threat that North Korea's unpredictable and enigmatic regime poses, and take cooperative action to mitigate it.
Indeed, Antliff highlights the currency of Beuys's preoccupations: his ecological and environmental concerns encapsulated in the co-founding of the West German Green Party (1980); after being dismissed from his professorship in 1972, his challenging of authoritarian, hegemonic forms of knowledge through initiating the Free International University; his aspirations for direct and cooperative action through the Organisation for Direct Democracy through Referendum; his conviction that art (through his concept of 'social sculpture' and 'everyone an artist') could empower creativity for all and contribute a means of transforming society.
So it's doubly encouraging to learn that the population of California blue whales has recovered to near its historic level, both because it shows that cooperative action for conservation is possible, and because the extinction of the largest animals ever to inhabit the Earth would have shamed all humanity.

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