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We observed and theorized the role of three variables which explain a significant portion of the observed heterogeneity in buying firms' information-processing behaviors toward their supply bases: intrusiveness, cooperativeness, and quality of learning.
If competition with bad types compels good types to make absolutist claims about loyalty and cooperativeness that are false and mostly disbelieved, then why would the same forces not push them to claim a discount rate of zero?
Socially acceptable cooperativeness and assertiveness (forcefulness) are skills that adolescents should be taught.
The assessment of personality characteristics revealed that adolescent steroid users had significantly higher levels of forcefulness and impulsiveness and lower levels of cooperativeness than did nonathletes.
Louis scientists also devised three character dimensions: self-directedness (a measure of commitment to goals and purposes), cooperativeness, and self-transcendence (associated with deeply held spiritual beliefs and feelings of connection with nature or the universe), Character development leans heavily on a conscious sorting out of one's memories and experiences, the investigators argue.
By working together in a spirit of cooperativeness, we can make PECO strong so we can compete in the more competitive marketplace of the future," Paquette added.
He mentions issues like large numbers of children in open-plan classrooms with inadequate staffing levels, and minimal staff support for more difficult kids, which places higher demands on children for internal impulse control and cooperativeness.
cooperativeness, collaboration of mangers and subordinates, lower control for the leader, and problem solving based on intuition and empathy) of coaching to meet the expectations of their female athletes, which resulted in this gender-role incongruence (Eagly & Johnson, 1990).
It was further reported that timing might vary--again depending on cooperativeness of the parties.
Their investigation of 30 fifth graders demonstrates the instrument's high temporal stability and its convergence with three commonly used peer measures: (a) peer nominations of liking, or who the children like most and who they like least (Asher & Dodge, 1986; Dodge, Coie, & Brakke, 1982), (b) peer ratings of liking, or how much the children like to play with and work with each classmate (Kalfus & Berler, 1985), and (c) peer ratings on cooperativeness, disruptiveness, acting shy, starting fights, and leadership (Coie & Dodge, 1983).
In 1995, Cressman and Myer surveyed 17 pediatric otolaryngology fellowship programs (100% response) and found that (1) most favor admission for observation; (2) there is little difference in the method of managing immediate and delayed hemorrhage; (3) removal and inspection of clots is recommended when they occur in the tonsillar fossa; (4) approximately two-thirds of respondents attempt to control active bleeding in the emergency room, whereas the rest proceed directly to the operating room; (5) after multiple episodes, a full hematologic evaluation is warranted; and (6) the age and the cooperativeness of a child is an important determinant in the decision-making process.
The effect of couples training and partner cooperativeness in the behavioral treatment of obesity.

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