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However, as the cooperators do not submit sufficient information to the regulatory body nor does the regulatory body do any substantial check to the background of the cooperators, how can the regulatory body determine effectively whether to reject a cooperator or not?
Since the Market Development Cooperator Program s inception in 1993, the program has issued 136 awards to 106 organizations in 32 states.
02, n = 30), and number of cooperators for the population survey ranged from 145 to 526 ([bar.
with a cooperator who can implicate one or two of her cocaine suppliers.
Non-prosecution Agreements - Formal written agreements, entered into under limited and appropriate circumstances, in which the Commission agrees not to pursue an enforcement action against a cooperator if the individual or company agrees, among other things, to cooperate fully and truthfully and comply with express undertakings.
The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service provides some $90 million to 20 to 30 cooperators, which are regional and commodity groups that pool efforts and resources.
Our Market Development Cooperator Program awards to organizations like MARPA are part of President Obama s government-wide strategy to strengthen America s economy by increasing exports.
Widrlechner coordinates the cooperator network, guided by a committee of representatives from the participating state agricultural experiment stations.
Selig today announced that the Portland Development Commission (PDC) will receive $299,420 from the International Trade Administration s (ITA) Market Development Cooperator Program (MDCP) to help the green building industry to generate exports to China, Mexico, and Qatar.
Henry Robbins, executive vice president of The Cooperator and producer of the Expo, said, "It's an excellent opportunity for managers and board members to meet face-to-face with professionals in the industry, and to expand their own knowledge and resources.
In the April 8 Nature, researchers argue that, under certain conditions, a cooperator can infiltrate, and eventually take over, a population of cheaters.
Under the direction of law enforcement, the cooperator made a telephone call to his counterpart in Amsterdam.