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Argumentation, in the form of the state cooptation thesis, is one of two notable features of Black Against Empire.
While most scholars have seen the relationship between the Mexican intelligentsia and the revolutionary state primarily in terms of cooptation and complicity, Sanchez Prado argues that groups of Mexican intellectuals in fact conceived of alternative visions of the nation as embodied in both its pueblo and its high-cultural production (the naciones intelectuales in the title).
The solution was not to marginalize Arab Sunnis, the backbone of opposition to the new Iraq, but it was to use both force and cooptation to bring the community into the new order.
In fact, the term itself and the reality behind it is a classic cooptation of faith itself.
It is a non regulatory, self-generating system, not easily open to cooptation, that establishes rules for appropriate conduct, forces corporations to internalize the costs of the harms they cause, punishes those who behave egregiously, and drives other systems to restrain corporate power.
For example, sociological accounts of the feminist movement, with its competing ideologies, decentralized structure, and struggles with political purity and cooptation, provide ideal templates for a more rigorous examination of the profeminist movement.
Military occupation and oppression brought about the collapse of previous institutions, confusion, and uncertainty, along with compromise and cooptation on the part of the subjected peoples.
Like other research on the "policing" of women by women, Punishment in Disguise shows how "mainstreaming" invariably places feminists on the thin edge of cooptation and/or the appropriation and undermining of their strategies and goals.
More important, he will approach family therapy as an attempt to help all extended family members rather than a cooptation between the therapist and the wife.
Our main contention is that the "marginal" status claimed by most restorative justice practitioners, and their fears of cooptation, are more imagined than real; indeed, restorative justice programs appear largely as "outsiders within" the criminal justice system.
How else can one interpret the self-destructive political sado-masochism that has rendered most of the Israeli "peace camp" both voiceless and powerless, with the exception of Shimon Peres, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, and their ilk, whose cooptation by the extremist camp has rendered them hypocritically vociferous and militarily brutal?
Rap, too, has had to undergo such negative B&H changes because megacorporations' cooptation.