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Nye defines soft power as "the ability to get preferred outcomes through the cooptive means of agenda setting, persuasion, and attraction.
The genome of a pathogenic rhodococcus: cooptive virulence underpinned by key gene acquisitions.
This study aims to expose the poem's Romantic "incorporation" and challenge its "cooptation" by "the cooptive powers of a vigorous culture like our own," the terms McGann applies to literary products in general (Romantic Ideology 2).
In Georgia, autonomy politics got blended with state building and cooptive structures as Shevardnadze sought to stabilize power.
7) Most European countries have had some experience with this latter kind of cooptive practices, by means of such organs as Holland's Sociaal Ekonomische Raad, France's Conseil Economique et Social, and Norway's Okonomiske Samordningsrad.
But other Arab states have quite a few resources, both coercive and cooptive, with which to deal with their Shia minorities (or majority, in the case of Bahrain).
Compassion, then, does not arise from full identification (a process that can only be cooptive given the material distance between Pachen and her readers) with a knowable subject or her pain, but from the text's ability to activate imagination to recreate the subject perceiving pain.
The labor-management cooperative programs of the 1970s and 1980s, the author grudgingly concedes, were cooptive but still added to the experiences of workers so they could infuse those aforementioned basic elements of information sharing, communicating, and decisionmaking into day-today functions.
According to Berman and McLaughlin, top down support is likely to lead to ineffective, pro forma, or cooptive implementation.
These inadequacies resulted in cooptive implementation of inclusion that compromised the integrity of the process.