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A reading at Moe's Books coordinated by the writer/activist Summer Brenner and the poet/writer/activist Owen Hill.
Probably due to ease of planning and manufacture, the individual-component portions within coordinated incidents have tended to be of the same type, such as simultaneous or subsequent pipe bombs, car bombs, or suicide bombers.
Global Taxes for Global Priorities" ends on a confident note: "The time has come to build unstoppable worldwide campaigns, because coordinated international public pressure yields results.
A couple of months later, Copeland saw the same coordinated display twinkling in Congaree Swamp National Monument in South Carolina.
The coordinated issue paper on underground storage tank removal costs that came out about a year ago applied Rev.
No coordinated issues have been finalized; they are expected in early 1995
At first, coordinated R&D and government planning appeared to pay off, as Japan registered a series of technical triumphs.
The Board believes that the statute should be amended to remove this requirement and to authorize the Board to call for coordinated or simultaneous examinations.
The fact that Coordinated Business Systems is independently owned and is Minnesota's information management leader says a great deal about their character and commitment.
The study, which surveyed a 30-block area bounded by the Brooklyn Bridge, the East River, Battery Park and State, Water and Pearl Streets, was a coordinated effort by the entire Lower Manhattan community and the public policy and redevelopment leadership of the city.
The nation can cope with such an attack, but only if it is ready with a response that is quick, coordinated across business and government sectors well prepared.
The preference for the long-term will yield to the need to meet short-run crises, and unilateral actions against adversaries coordinated with the allies will be the template of the Bush approach.

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