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Hence, the results showed the improved efficiency of the diaphragm and abdominal muscles of swimmers to displace coordinately the rib cage and abdomen when the respiratory system is submitted to higher efforts like maximal breathings, the most used by the swimmers during training.
They reported that the ratio of these two species depended on adsorbates, and that thiols were coordinately bound to the cations through the lone pair of sulphur atoms in both cases.
Mammalian genes coordinately regulated by growth arrest signals and DNA-damaging agents.
These infections are caused by variety of virulence factors that are coordinately controlled by global regulators.
They're being used as a means of constructing three-dimensional arrays of enzymes that operate coordinately and mimic cellular activities without the cell.
Response element: a DNA sequence that is common to promoters/enhancers of genes whose expression is coordinately regulated.
PEN-2 and APH-1 coordinately regulate proteolytic processing of presenilin 1.
But Waldron finesses it by directing the state to pursue a strategy of minimizing needs that might be thought to justify such intrusions--a strategy which, coordinately, would assure owners that intruders are not needy, but greedy.
Snake" is related coordinately with "danger," "not predictable" and "quick movement," and these last three stimuli are coordinately related to "fear.
the prosaisms are sharp, obvious, individual, and ranked coordinately with the images" (The Idiom of Poetry, qtd.
Researchers found that the PDH gene is coordinately expressed as other fatty acid biosynthetic genes consistent with its role in making oil, but the expression of the ACS gene was not coordinated with the other fatty acid biosynthetic genes or oil accumulation.
Imprinted genes are found clustered in discrete regions in the mammalian genome, suggesting that imprinting is coordinately established across large genomic domains.

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