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The other defense coordinating element deployed in response to the Southern California wildfires was from Region X in Bothell, Wash.
National coordinating counsel's institutional knowledge produces more favorable resolution of pre-litigation claims.
Marcia Brown, director of programs, Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York
Barry: "There can be barriers in many areas of coordinating post-acute care services for the patient.
For example, BJA supports 21 organized crime/drug trafficking enforcement projects that enhance the ability of Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies to break up major drug trafficking organizations by coordinating investigations and arrest, prosecution, and conviction efforts.
Embracing ongoing improvements by others and integrating them into the Downtown by coordinating traffic flow and setting public space use goals for the benefit of the area.
Creating a coordinating panel was suggested in a $150,000 study by PHH Fantus, a Chicago firm hired by Lancaster and Palmdale and the Lancaster Economic Development Corp.
Signs could alert consumers to the existence of coordinating merchandise in another department.
For incident commanders coordinating emergencies, the vehicles establish a base of operation to coordinate the flow of information and personnel deployment, providing connectivity to fixed sites in the chain of command.
The lowest shelves hold coordinating waste baskets and rugs.
NPRA President Bob Slaughter said, "We commend the Department of Homeland Security and all others who undertook the monumental task of coordinating the protection of the nation's critical infrastructures and key resources.
Four-color photos across the top of the gondolas illustrated the coordinating possibilities.

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