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Do not imagine that you can cope with me in a knowledge of Julias and Louisas.
You know that our young men here cannot cope with you.
Its enormous bulk rendered it too slow upon its feet to cope with the agility of my young muscles, and so I was enabled to dodge out of its way and run completely behind it before its slow wits could direct it in pursuit.
When I saw that the two of them were rushing him, I called out to attract their attention to the fact that they had more than a single man to cope with.
We also were interested in the ways that kindergarten teachers cope with recurrent rejection of their offers of help by peer teachers, and whether or not the ways they cope could reduce the adverse effects of recurrent rejection on depersonalization.
A considerable amount of research has been devoted to the manner in which individuals cope with stressful situations in daily organizational life.
The ability to cope with stressful incidents is a personal journey that depends on an officer's past experiences with trauma; appropriate development of coping strategies for stress; availability of support networks (e.
Social functioning at work may also be impaired in a number of ways, such as has being more irritable or angry towards co-workers or customers, or being less able to cope with interpersonal conflicts in the workplace.
The collaboration by psychologists Nigel Hunt and Sue McHale, Coping With Alopecia offers solid information and practical advice about the different types of alopecia, causes and treatments, and how to cope with the social consequences of hair loss, from getting along with peers to the strain that losing one's hair can put on relationships.
How teenagers cope with sibling death: Implications.
Yet, spiritual care to help patients cope with the psychosocial stress associated with illness is thought to be an important strategy among healthcare professionals, though research on the relationship between spirituality and coping ability remains relatively scarce.
Teachers can help their students identify role models, ask to watch them perform or simply talk to them about how they cope with anxiety.