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The occurrence of Cymatiogalea velifera and the absence of Coryphidium and Veryhachium trispinosum (Eisenack, 1938) Stockmans & Williere, 1962 would be consistent with an attribution to the messaoudensis--trifidum subassemblages 1 and 2 and thus indicate a late Tremadocian age, corresponding to the Araneograptus murrayi or Hunnegraptus copiosus graptolite zones (Molyneux et al.
13]C in the Hunnegraptus copiosus graptolite Zone in the lower Hunghuayuan Formation in the Yangtze Region of South China.
deflexus Baltograptus vacillans Cymatograptus protobalticus Tetragraptus phyllograptoides Hunnegraptus copiosus Araneograptus murrayi Kiaerograptus supremus Kiaerograptus kiaeri Adelograptus tenellus Rhabdinopora spp.