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Clay bodies, methods, properties, recipes, workshop notes--this is a major book, copiously illustrated with lush photographs.
Skinner has put together a fun, well-thought-out compendium copiously illustrated in color that includes a look at such things as submachine guns.
The French-language book is copiously illustrated with behind-the-scenes and staging photos and covers the full production period of almost five years.
Tweeple also commented copiously on Sharif inviting the Obamas for a meal of Dal-Keema.
There is also information pertinent to children and the elderly in this concise and copiously illustrated volume.
Cobwebs copiously worked through the night Dew, glistening in the early morning light.
and still the next day a hand opening seeds carelessly, copiously.
As regards my refusing to lie on my stomach in the "posturing" position, I would have bled even more copiously on to my pillow had I done so.
If your knowledge of tennis was limited to watching Cardiff's courts, you'd think it was the sporting equivalent of an obscure tropical insect that has a lifecycle of two weeks, fights, mates copiously and then dies (in that order), leaving eggs that will hatch in exactly a year's time.
But she searches high and low with MacQuack and finally gives in to despair, weeping copiously for days.
People who consume olive oil copiously appear to be less vulnerable to stroke than those who avoid using it, medical records from 7,600 people in France show.
With beautiful blue endpapers and copiously decorated with entertaining and lively black and white illustrations, this is a charming story, told in 10 short chapters, which should engage middle primary readers esp.