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Polygynic males may optimize their reproductive gain by decreasing the investment in courtship strategies for females that had previously copulated or by reducing the amount of the liquid ejaculated when copulating more than once with the same partner (Svard and McNeil 1994; McNamara and Elgar 2008).
Females that copulated with relatively smaller males delayed sexual cannibalism and prolonged the duration of copulation.
As the dead drake lay inert on the grass, a second male mallard, whose attempted mid-air rape is posited to have led to the catastrophe, approached and mounted the corpse, and copulated with it twice, dismounting in between the assaults, according to an account that Mr.
Vestigal-winged females copulated less frequently with both mutants.
He married Irene Mayer, daughter of the head of MGM, yet copulated freely with whomever he fancied.
1989) found that experienced males copulated with a female taxidermic model more than inexperienced males.