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37) The differentiation into "'urban" and "rural" inhabitants is established by detailed analysis of the successive surveys and rentals and the surrenders and admissions of copyhold tenements in the court rolls in HL, HAM, Box 25, folders 3-4, 9, and 11.
In 1790, the will of Arthur Whiter, butcher, mentions his copyhold estate in the manor of 'Hayley near Witney in the County of Oxford', demonstrating connections between Brightwalton and the better-known morris heartlands of Wychwood Forest.
By 1926, all copyhold title was extinguished and converted to freehold, but the ownership of the mines and minerals largely remained with the Lord of the Manor.
purchased "two copyhold estates," the family's home was in Edstaston Hall in the manor of Wem, "a large timber house" which a "George Manwaring" inherited on April 29, 1591, together with "the estate above the Chettal Wood.
He also saw his fellow countrymen as having been made corrupt and effeminate by years of servitude, "by nature slaves, and arrant beasts; not fitt for that liberty which they cri'd out and bellow'd for, but fitter to be led back again into thir old servitude, like a sort of clamouring & fighting brutes, broke loos from thir copyholds, that know not how to use or possess the liberty which they fought for" (Eikonoklastes XXVII, Works, 5:290).