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Further more, although source C gives the dynamic markings in the conventional Italian for this movement, Poetzsch has changed (and occasionally inaccurately placed) them all to the type of German dynamic markings that the copyist of source C used elsewhere.
On some occasions, Sinclair uses M (Ives's pencil full score) or S2 (the pencil score-sketch) to clarify presumed lapses in the copyist score (N).
The edition's critical report describes all of the textual and musical sources for Die Hirten, including Telemann's autograph score and one copied by the singer Otto Ernst Gregorius Schieferlein, one of the composer s principal Hamburg copyists.
The language of the text is thoroughly examined, with distinctions made between the language of Chretien and that of the copyist, and the introduction concludes with a good general bibliography.
After the writing of the autograph, Beethoven had a copyist prepare what would become an Arbeitskopie (working copy) from which were prepared the Widmungsexemplar--the dedication copy for the Archduke Rudolph--and the clean copies offered through subscription to various dignitaries and heads of state.
Bach manuscripts accessioned by the Prussian Royal Library (41) in 1887, a copyist frequently found among items from Grell's collection at the Library of Congress (as discussed below), offers one possible indication of their origin in Grell's collection.
In the second part, where the number of staves per folio varies, the copyist sometimes extends the lines beyond the usual margins to include a smaller staff or because musical notation had to be included in this section.
The music copyists use a music notation computer program called Finale to edit instrument and vocal scores.
For instance, if you can demonstrate that you are aware of a potential copyist or that you need a patent to secure investment, the UKIPO will usually expedite processing of the application.
She might look younger but this is probably because the copyist, and I believe it is a copy done a few years after the Mona Lisa, just painted it that way," added Kemp.
Samsung is not some copyist, some Johnny-come-lately doing knockoffs," he told the seven men and two women jurors.
Edgar Meyer first heard it used by his longtime music copyist in reference, he recalls, to "a very chaotic situation where a lot of agendas are kind of confused, and it's hard to tell up from down.