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We're excited to be a part of this new chapter for Desert Schools and Corelation," added Nathan Moore, CFM Co-Founder.
Fig 5 shows results of the principal components analysis referring to selected parameters of group IV which, due to coefficient values of corelation with the principal components and corelations among one another, were chosen for describing asphalt mixtures resistance to permanent deformations.
Formerly Vice President of Marketing at data mining company CoRelation, and with 14 years of marketing and business development expertise at enterprise and Internet infrastructure companies, including Alation Systems, Worldtalk Communications, and Lotus Development, Atlas will take on the challenge of moving Connectix from a consumer oriented software company to one that addresses the needs of enterprises.
The company has increased its staff to approximately 120 employees, completed an acquisition earlier this year of predictive data mining and personalization technology provider, CoRelation, and has developed a strong customer base with over 30 deployments.
Meanwhile, some credit unions might adore San Diego innovator Corelation, while others worry about the young company's small size.
a leading provider of hosted business intelligence services, today announced the acquisition of CoRelation, a leader in predictive data mining and personalization systems.
In addition to Symitar, other cores clients are using include XP2, UltraData and Corelation, with Fiserv DNA working on an interface that is not yet live, Hooker Burress said.
plans to begin installation this summer of the KeyStone system from Corelation Inc.
com Lauren Freedman, President, the e-tailing group Nish Bhutani, Senior VP, CNET and Group Publisher, Content & Community CNET On-line Omar Tawakol, CEO, CoRelation Omar Wasow, Executive Director, Blackplanet.
GAC attendees can also check out a new CRM tool called KeyInsight, which San Diego-based Corelation Inc.