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As a certified Corelation partner, Hyland helps credit unions increase communication between technology systems, improve data quality and worker efficiency, enable instant and secure access to reports and documentation and eliminate member wait times.
Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union has a unique set of circumstances -- much of which stems from their dual core set up," Corelation President/CEO Theresa Benavidez said.
Pearson product-momet corelation coefficient technique was used for analysis of relation between the referees' concentrated attention abilities and their reaction time.
We have used Tobit regression to examine the corelation of variables with drinking water demand of municipal councils in Pune district.
The correlation matrix between the gut microflora-related metabolites and gut bacterial species was generated using Pearson's corelation coefficient.
Number of irregular phasis of meristimatical cells treated with concentration of 50 [micro]g/ml is also high but very important is that didn't find corelation between MI and number of irregular phasis (Table 3).
In group 1-hemiplegic, diplegic, tetraplegic ones-for evaluation of hand functions, between MACS and BFMF, a strong positive corelation was determined (r=0,897, p<0,001); while evaluating the relations between hand functions and severity of CP, both relations between MACS and GMFCS and BFMF and GMFCS, were represented significantly important corelations (rs=0.
Great opportunity for customer service oriented buyer & growth oppotunities will be in direct corelation with new owners commitment.
equi infection in the horses: Corelation with in vivo and in vitro immune responses.
Despite the handwringing among Democrats in the federal capital, there is no automatic corelation between Walker's victory-in-place and the approaching presidential election in November.
Table 1 Item Statistics for Academic Resilience Scale Items M SD Corrected a if item EFA Item-Total deleted Loading Corelation Ml 5.
e N 90 Established call for Yola Pearson Corelation .