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806,811 Number of unmarried grandparents who were responsible for most of the basic care of a co-resident grandchild in 2013; 30 percent of coresident grandparents responsible for their grandchildren were unmarried.
Otherwise, the group we analyzed did not differ from the larger study population in terms of sex, race and/or ethnicity, number of coresident children, presence of a schizophrenia spectrum or bipolar diagnosis, comorbid medical conditions, self-reported functioning, or Social Security Administration (SSA) disability income beneficiary status (i.
Beginning with the 1984 interview, the mother is asked for each of her coresident biological children whether the child's biological father is present in the household.
Beyond a formalized agent group configuration, coresident enterprise users with unique work/knowledge skills can offer expertise for customer service, or simply provide back-up whenever call volumes spike and agent staffing isn't sufficient.
Children born to mothers with a partner were heavier at birth than those born to mothers without a partner, with, the difference varying by partner type (180 grams for a married partner, 122 grams for a coresident partner who was considered a member of the household, 107 grams for a nonresident-household partner and 84 grams for a nonresident-non-household partner).
For example, teenage mothers might attain less education than fathers after having multiple children or when lacking a coresident partner or coresident parents, because of most mothers' disproportionately high childrearing burden.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Worker Protection Standard promote preventive behaviors, including the use of personal protective equipment and hygiene, studies indicate that exposure occurs for a significant proportion of workers and their coresident family members (Arcury et al.
In contrast, caregivers who had a coresident caregiver such as a family caregiver living in the same household were 20 times less likely to place their relative in a nursing home.
To examine jointness among several good and bad outcomes as well as inputs and allow for heterogeneity among households in the productivity of observed child inputs, we specify and estimate an output-based directional distance function (Chambers, Chung, and Fare 1998) for a balanced panel of households with coresident children.
even in the presence of a nonconsenting coresident depending entirely on
Single fathers are slightly older than single mothers, have slightly fewer coresident children, and have a greater number of coresident adults in their households.
Memorials typically included the applicant's name, British address, occupation, age, birthplace and nationality, as well as the nationality of the applicant's parents, the applicant's marital status, names and ages of underage coresident children and sometimes spouses, addresses of residences in Britain for at least five of the previous eight years, and reasons for seeking naturalization.