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Earlier this year, a corked bat belonging to disgraced baseball legend Pete Rose sold at auction for $8,000, the (http://www.
So it's important that the problem of corked wine is solved, as often people are put off a wine dismissing it as bad, when they should dismiss it as a bad cork.
He said corked bottles were something he kept note of but didn't record each and every time he, a tasting room staff member or customer reported coming across a bottle that was corked.
And far from suggesting that these are associated with an inferior wine, it is a sign that whatever the quality of the wine at least it will not be corked.
Because of the huge increase in the consumption of wine, and the world shortage of cork, it is said that about one bottle in 11 is corked.
Our conversation started with him grumbling about an expensive Priorat he had hand-carried back from Spain, only to find it corked.