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More than 95 percent of all corneal transplant operations will restore vision in the recipient, making corneal transplants some of the most successful types of transplantation in medicine, according to the Eye Bank.
First performed in 1905, the corneal transplant is the oldest organ transplant procedure currently performed.
Quawasmi explained that this solution is operated when doctors face a situation of advanced keratoconus which requires corneal transplant.
There have been so many problems that it leaves me feeling there is something terribly wrong with the system for corneal transplants.
There has been a steady progressive 41% decrease in the total number of corneal transplants performed with tissue supplied by the five South African-based eye banks.
He had to wait until this year for the second corneal transplant on his right eye.
Corneal transplant is performed by an ophthalmologist and is usually a fast, day surgery procedure.
The eye bank helped facilitate 1,320 life-changing corneal transplants in Illinois in 2013, and provided an additional 1,459 tissues for research.
With a corneal transplant, an individual avoids the direct expenditures that come with vision loss, such as higher routine medical costs and long-term care costs, and the indirect costs of potential years of lost productivity to both the patients and their family caregivers.
Mauritius will be visited by a team of specialist doctors from Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital every year to conduct complicated cases of corneal transplant, vitreoretinal and oculoplastic diseases.
Patients with corneal disease and cataracts will get referred to Niramaya charitable hospital where they can avail a corneal transplant free of cost and patients with other eye diseases will get referred accordingly.
But thanks to a corneal transplant in his right eye at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary last month, the 37-year-old has had his sight significantly restored and is looking forward to having a new lease of life with his family.