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In the meeting, Barazani stressed the necessity not to postpone the election, being corner stone in the democratic structure.
Mahmud has also called for creation of successful financial means to meet the needs of the sustainable development by establishment and strengthening of the infrastructures which represent the corner stone of all the economic activities .
On his part, MP Ahmed esteemed the ministry's keenness and interest in protecting human rights in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and affirmed cooperation relations between legislative and executive authorities are the corner stone that national and development gains are based on.
He threw a light on the political environment of those bye-gone days in Europe and in South Asia and termed these 17th century connections the corner stone of present day cordial bilateral relations between Pakistan and Germany.
He recalled that Serbia was ready on 20 December last year to lay the corner stone for the South Stream gas pipeline, but that the problem are implementation designs that should be prepared by the Serbian and Russian sides, and are overdue.
PNN On Tuesday 26th March, the welfare association announced its plan to lay the corner stone of the Palestinian museum in Birzait in April 11, under the auspices of President Mahmoud Abbas, according to Omar Al-Qattan, head of Palestinian museum's work team.
ISLAMABAD, February 17, 2013 (WAFA) -- President Mahmoud Abbas Sunday said that the Palestinian Authority is committed to peace and two-state solution, following the unveiling of the corner stone of the Embassy of the state of Palestine in Islamabad.
Development Abdul Wahab Al-Bader laid on Thursday the corner stone for an
Intellectual Property is the corner stone of our glycobiology driven cancer drug development and discovery efforts.
Mottaki is due to lay the corner stone for a new building of the Iranian
1 GHz WCDMA amplifiers to Ericsson, we view this agreement as a corner stone to building a stronger relationship with Ericsson.
j2 Communications (NASDAQ:JCOM) announced that the company will make its eFax Free service available in the United Kingdom The corner stone of j2's growth has been its free eFax services.