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And Bonds, who set a major league single-season record with 73 home run in 2001, said it's too early to coronate Berkman as the game's new slugging prince.
These populations were winter-hardy and, with the exception of Marshall, resistant to crown rust caused by Puccinia coronate Corda.
As the Democrats and Republicans coronate their presidential nominees, dissatisfaction with the major parties is reaching a new high.
The unspoken logic was to dispense with the messy uncertainties of democracy and coronate a nominee by St.
This time he has not only taken up the assignment, but has also taken the vow to unseat the Nanda dynasty and coronate Chandragupta.
E ardenti di Cristiano vero zelo / Di Fe, di Eternita, nomi si santi / Invitti anteporran allo splendore / Di dorati Scetri, e coronate fronti.
However, ectoproct coronate and cyphonautes larvae show some interphyletic variety and may either have one pair of serotonergic cells in the apical organ or a nerve ring, or both (Pires and Woollacott, 1997; Shimizu et al, 2000; Wanninger et al.
The Establishment Media, lapdogs to Democrat in general, Obama in particular, was about to unofficially officially coronate Obama.
Celleporaria sherryae (Superfamily Lepralielloidea): Nonfeeding Coronate Larva
Similar to Membranipora larvae, the nonfeeding coronate larvae of Celleporaria sherryae show acetylated [alpha]-tubulin labeling in all neuronal and ciliated cell types.
In most gymnolaemate bryozoans, the maternal zooids produce only one or a few eggs during each reproductive period; these are spawned to an external brood site, where they develop into lecithotrophic larvae, either coronate or pseudocyphonautes.
Oxygen consumption rates were measured in 14 species of hydromedusae and 5 species of bathypelagic coronate scyphomedusae.