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Unfortunately Katherine Hayles had not yet published her post-human analysis of cybernetics that engages directly with and advances feminist debates on corporality and communications (Hayles, 1999).
The Civil version "lower structures" relies on social system of values which can be divided into three patterns: corporality "knighthood", spirituality "metaphysical", and rationality "objectivity".
Scholar: I mean, you have mentioned the use of counternarratives and the coping mechanisms of oppressed people used for survival, but a reconciliation to self and corporality seems necessary to combat this cultural deracination.
The corporality of humanity is not something of which to be distrustful; it is indeed a saving grace which allows an ephemeral being to communicate with a divine entity.
Viewed across the range of the poem, Fletcher's figurative design seeks to render his text as a visual counterpart to the multiple bodies represented there, a series of "speaking pictures that acquire a rhetorical corporality.
The Slave," this aversion to female corporality is further
He underlined that "in the corporality of man and woman there is a written natural and structural complementarity pertaining to emotional life, sexual life and the procreation of children.
This excessive corporality, manifested in an uninterrupted process of embodiment, was not only noticed by Witkacy at that time.
Carceral Topography: Spatiality, Liminality and Corporality in the Literary Prison.
The sea, ever present in these texts as throughout Baude's work, highlights the self's proximity and its essential being-in-the-world, its corporality and its pure yet earthy mentation, its anchoredness and its fluidity.
It was a completely separate kind of process, but gradually, the mute language of corporality and gesture became articulated as discourse and the internal structure of the work revealed itself.