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The moment when biblical law is revealed in its corporality, alongside Jewish ritual, is the moment when hermeneutics comes to a halt, and readers can proceed no further.
But Virgil sometimes seems to occupy a conceptual category in between Dante's corporality and the weightless dead, with his own body operating in a manner in between the poet's "living feet" and the nonsensical, burning soles of canto 19.
While people of the same generation class engaged in collective activities relatively occasionally, circumcision sets had more corporality and acted collectively in a wider set of circumstances.
7) Their lack of corporality hints to bodies that barely exist, ghostly bodies.
As she welcomes a foreign being within herself, the fluid feminine corporality becomes a space of otherness, the territory where the other grows and acquires a life of its own.
What remains when everything else is taken away or forgotten, Glover optimistically suggests, is "love," not a Platonic disposition but a sensuality closely tied to the body's corporality, to its blood, its warmth, its sheltering embrace.
Nettleton emphasizes that the growing impact of the media, mass culture, fashion and the Internet enable more and more extensive interventions in the human body, manipulations with corporality, as well as designing and transforming the body.
Indeed, though Jagose sets bringing embodiment back into sexuality studies as one of her goals, there is very little corporality within the work.
Theorists also notice an explosion of corporality characterized mainly by transforming the woman into a sexual object, leading to a certain symbolic annihilation of women.
Waller's sympathies here, and indeed throughout the book, are with the frank corporality and emotional intensity of medieval Catholicism.
Young people are concerned with corporality and prestige as means of communication and a status on the socialscale.
This includes engaging with the inherited understandings of corporality that inform our vision of the body as both an experience and a metaphor in social and political life.