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In summary, the proposal to require CEOs to sign corporate tax returns would impose a burden on CEOs that most are ill-trained to bear, would unnecessarily saddle companies with additional compliance costs, and represents a step backward for efficient tax administration since the person signing the return would not be the employee in the best position to ensure the accuracy or completeness of a complex multinational tax return.
The CSR Europe study results indicate that European consumers want companies to demonstrate greater corporate citizenship.
At the most extreme end of the spectrum lies an organization like the Employment Policies Institute, which was started by a group of restaurant companies and gets most of its annual budget from corporate sources.
I was really writing, I guess, about corporate governance, but the words were not in common usage at the time.
One is the search for the fullest potential of the firm's assets through a transfer of corporate control to new management teams.
I suppose if one looks at the massive debt financing that passes for fiscal management in Washington, corporate debt doesn't look to ominous.
Despite spectacular European corporate failures, a critical general public, and mounting pressure from markets, policymakers, and regulators, these changes have not unexpectedly met stiff resistance from powerful interests.
As to whether submission of a Form 1099 is sufficient to establish a taxpayer's treatment of corporate officers as independent contractors rather than employees, for purposes of Section 530 relief, Rev.
Top corporate executives who consider their companies very successful globally spend 40 percent of their time on global issues, compared with 25 percent for executives overall.
The law would violate longstanding principles of corporate law.
This review should consider corporate financial results as well as the CEO's performance as measured against previously established criteria and objectives.
The executives responsible for the recent corporate catastrophes popularly known as Agent Orange, asbestos, and the Dalkon Shield are not in jail and will not go to jail.