corporate interest

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The institution's international prestige also attracts corporate interest to this boutique market.
In between serving his Republican masters, Roberts worked at Hogan & Hartson in Washington, where he represented one corporate interest after another.
InterContinental Hotels, whose shares rose 2pc or 15p to 680p after vowing to return pounds 1bn to shareholders after the sale of 73 hotels, provided the main corporate interest.
Detours along the road to the Dynabook were paved by the emergence of the Internet and corporate interest in the laptop miracle.
There has been accelerated corporate interest now that the eDome has been built and people can see exactly what it will look like; the concept is then better understood," Filion says.
It's the highest crowd we've ever had here - 6,600 - with a vast amount of corporate interest and was our first win in ten league games over Bath.
The new 1993 tax law also increased corporate tax rates to 35 percent, a move that should only increase corporate interest in tax credit investments.
There must be a "meaningful reduction" in the shareholder's corporate interest for a redemption to fall into this category.
77-467, which held that an arm's-length lease of property by a former shareholder is not a prohibited corporate interest within the meaning of Sec.
if there is not enough other marital property to ensure an equitable division, some form of installment arrangement may be needed to acquire the corporate interest of the spouse who (in most cases) is not involved with the operation of the business.
That conviction did not, unfortunately, extend into New York State, where voters turned out in droves for Senator Alfonse D'Amato, a man with the words "wealthy corporate interests" tatooed on his forehead, or into Texas, where hog-like corporate interest propelled Bill Clements back into the governor's office at the expense of the more decorous corporate porkerdom represented by Mark White, or into .

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