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Pertaining to or possessing the qualities of a corporation, a legal entity created—pursuant to state law—to serve the purposes set out in its certificate of incorporation.

A corporate officer is an individual who is charged with the management of a corporation by virtue of a position as its president, vice president, treasurer, or secretary.


(Associate), adjective affiliate, allied, banded, federative, incorporate, leagued, partnered
Associated concepts: corporate act, corporate assets, corpooate authorities, corporate body, corporate bonds, corpooate commission, corporate conduct, corporate dividends, corporate existence, corporate franchise, corporate name, corporate officer, corporate powers and privileges, corpooate property, corporate purpose, corporate rights, corpooate seal, corporate securities, corporate stock


(Joint), adjective associated, coincident, compact, concurrent, conjoint, conjunct, correal
See also: collective, conjoint, joint
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The selling prices for three types of transactions in the Dayton, Ohio, metropolitan area are compared: corporately owned houses (all of which were shown to prospects vacant), individually owned houses that were shown furnished, and individually owned houses that were shown vacant.
Next year the company's first corporately owned pharmacy in Missouri is expected to open.

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