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Allison continues, "through our three specialized divisions (Mom Corps, Corps Search, Corps Advisory), we are able to help firms achieve higher returns on the talent investments.
The Department has called on the Exec Corps to help roll out new management programs such as Computer Aided Job Evaluation and WebPASS procurement, and to help implement the Collaborative Management Initiative.
In this issue, Dance Magazine profiles seven of the upcoming dancers; three are still in the corps and four have become soloists.
To improve the situation, he said, the commandant of the Marine Corps created the U.
Grunwald wonders how the Corps has escaped the lion's share of culpability for Katrina.
For every Oliver North, I hear from numerous other veterans--especially Marines--who recognize themselves in the story I told, and recognize the same Marine Corps that they served in.
Environmentalists contend that the corps has not studied the cumulative impact of all that construction in and along the river.
Each time the Lobby Corps lobbies on the Hill, we win," declares current Lobby Corps Chair Carole Conors.
Prior tax rules limited S corps to having no more than 75 shareholders--forcing some privately held corporations into C corp status.
Once you join the Peace Corps it actually takes quite a long time to be sent to where you've been stationed.
The Corps would be a team project where local Chambers of Commerce would show the kids what is involved in starting a business.
Although the Prowler serves in far greater numbers in Navy carrier air wings, the aircraft owes its genesis to the Marine Corps.