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The first best-selling diet guide in the US, for example, was William Banting's A Letter on Corpulence of 1863 (which went through 12 editions by 1900).
1) A less historicist reading might take Maupassant's plump Madame and Hemingway's fat Mice as representatives of a Madonna/Whore complex, their corpulence a fertility fetish.
Au village, une commune coquette oE resident 620 habitants, les huit grossesses etaient passees inapercues, peut-etre du fait de la corpulence de la mere qui, selon des medias, pesait 130 kg.
He resorted to mocking Christie's corpulence in a notorious commercial about the state attorney "throwing his weight around" Trenton.
Or the smaller corpulence crushing jackets, which are very effective corsets.
Corpulence, meanwhile, has always figured prominently in the vocalist's house of horrors.
The huge corpulence of that Hogarthian monster undulates on the surface, scarcely drawing one inch of water.
But such corpulence, however endearing in retrospect, can have a decidedly negative impact on the church and its ministries.
Representation de l'homme et de la femme dans les teleromans Pour evaluer la corpulence chez les deux sexes, nous avons utilise l'echelle de physionomie de Gray et Thompson (Physical Appearance Comparison Scale) (1995) (15), divisee en trois tiers : le premier est compose d'individus en deca du poids sante et le dernier tiers d'individus au-dessus du poids sante.
I fail to see how Mike Venturino's corpulence has anything to do with what Mike writes.
He'd just managed to convince himself that, yet again, he'd successfully fought off--silent Quixote of equilibrium that he was--the forces of evil, on this occasion embodied by the emaciation of some and the corpulence of others.
It suggests corpulence, clumsy brutishness, and unremitting inelegance, whereas Luis Fernando Verissimo's joyful text, playing lightly over his mighty theme, is nothing if not witty, subtle, and nuanced.