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During the morphometry of renal cortex of the this experimental group (test 4) we detected the increasing of the size of renal corpuscle and renal glomerulus in 13.
of a sperm flagellum showing the 9+9+2 axoneme (ax), accessory bodies (ab), mitochondrial derivatives (large md1 and small md2), and the puff-like corpuscle (arrow).
The most characteristic histologic finding, and an important clue to the correct diagnosis, is the presence of squamoid corpuscles.
This shows clearly that the microscopic particles have only a wave feature and not corpuscle feature, which is inherent nature of particles in the quantum mechanics.
On the domain of attraction for the lower tail in Wicksell's corpuscle problem.
So far the particle has been regarded as a corpuscle characterized by a mass m traveling throughout [DELTA]x during the time range [DELTA]t.
Character 7: Renal corpuscle within the epididymal complex: A renal corpuscle is present (state 0).
The first lecture was titled "The Blood Plaque or Third Corpuscle," in which he focused on platelet morphology and number and speculated concerning their origin.
Mechanoreceptors are the units that convert tactile stimuli into neuron excitations and are of two types: static--Ruffini corpuscles and Merkel receptors and dynamic--Meissner cells and Pacini corpuscles.
13] He named urea, bilin, and carbonic acid among the substances formed by the vital energy of the blood corpuscles nourished by oxygen, albumin, and fat, but he thought that the most important product of the blood was animal heat, released during the combination of oxygen with the carbon of globulin (104).
Wicksell's corpuscle problem in its hyper-stereological version can be described as follows: The system of d-spheres [[XI].
Some themes he used for size comparison included grains of sand, a human red blood corpuscle, the millet seed, and "a hair's breadth.