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It is not necessary or possible by either correct valuation or ethical conduct to discern an absolute conclusion from the information as much as a relative one.
He'll discuss your property exposures with you and help determine the correct valuation 3.
Any business, but especially those which occupy more than one property, needs to pay special attention to its rates bills to ensure that its properties have the correct valuation.
We've made what we believe is the correct valuation for Keane and unless Wolves lower their price, nothing will be happening," he insisted.
Tax Court ruled that the correct valuation premise was employed by HSSK.
Against this background and the fact that MAN has acquired a substantial number of A and B shares in Scania, the management of Scania believes it is of utmost importance that all shareholders have access to equivalent information in order to allow a correct valuation of the company.
The provably correct valuation technique plus highlights of the large scale global analysis are described in three publications ("Ahead of Time," "The Information Advantage" and "Information Secrets").
Now mandated by law, the stakes are high for effective implementation of internal controls for today's public companies, and for those private companies who want to ensure, among other things, the correct valuation of their corporation in the context of a future IPO or mergers and acquisitions activity," said Bob O'Connor, CEO of Softrax Corporation.
When it comes to correct valuation of a target's revenue, and the establishment of a competitive and fair selling price for that target, accurate revenue reports remain a key factor in M&A events," says Robert O'Connor, president and CEO of Softrax.
In 2001, after discovering the error, the Appraiser notified Krosschell of the correct valuation for 2000 and proposed taxes based on an assessment of $297,400 for 2001.
Assistance with correct valuation for clinical trial material, including API, finished drug, ancillary/support equipment, and sample collection kits
COTECNA has to check if correct valuation had been given and the quality is right but that does not mean our customs should honour that document.